blankityblankblankk asked:
Hayy just wanted to let you know that if you purchase anything from EmazingLight's online store and you use the coupon code 'LiquidGloveLove' at checkout, you'll receive 5% off your entire order :) Happy gloving xoxo !

house rolling is one of the best ways to bond with people. it opens everyone up and everything that’s on your mind is said. you connect with each other on a completely different level and understand each other. what a beautiful thing

Definitely something i would consider doing, of course with right people.

[T_T] NoName - Pressure #TEAMTITANS

strobe2011 asked:
wow i just went through the whole page and these have all happened to me at one point except for a couple. but it made my night! i have a lot of friends that either glove or are just really into it. they'll appreciate this blog fer sure! i glove too, i just lack the money for an actual set :(

Thanks im super glad you appreciate it :D
and i love that it made your night

dubv-i-s-i-o-n asked:
i have a code for emazing lights and iheartraves for 5% off of your order if you would you mind posting it for everyone to see? code NATEPASS

Hey guys looky looky 5% off

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